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Statement on Cookies


This Fanatics website (“Website”) is owned and operated by FanFirm Pty Ltd trading as Fanatics (“we”, “us”, “our”), a company incorporated and registered in New South Wales with ABN 16 111 199 056 and its registered office at 1114 Botany Road, Botany NSW 2019.

Fanatics uses cookies to enable various features and functionality on our website. We have categorised the cookies we use based on the International Chamber of Commerce guide into the following four categories:
  1. Strictly Necessary
  2. Performance
  3. Functionality
  4. Targeting

For more information about cookies see COOKIES – THE LOWDOWN below.


Strictly Necessary Cookies
'Strictly necessary' cookies are essential to the operation of our website. They enable features such as the ability to log in to your account and to remember the data you submit as part of the booking process. Without these cookies the booking process will not work and you will not be able to make purchases from us online.

We use strictly necessary cookies to:
  • Remember information you enter while booking our products in a single browsing session.
  • Identify you as having logged in and provide access to your account.
  • Remember what your cookie preference is.

These are the cookies that we have defined as 'Strictly Necessary':

PHPSESSID1st partySession identifiers, used to maintain data for your current session such as if you have logged in or progress through a booking
has_js1st partyUsed to remember if your browser has JavaScript enabled

Performance Cookies
'Performance' cookies enable us to collect anonymous information about how you use our website, the types of pages you visit, and problems you experience. We use the information to make improvements to the way the site works, understand the interests and motivations of our users and measure how effective our communications are.

We use performance cookies to:
  • Provide analytics data on how our website is used.
  • Understand how our customers find the products they buy.
  • Tracking errors that occur.

These are the cookies that we have defined as 'Performance':

1st partyCreated by Google Analytics - used to distinguish visitors, repeat visits, and traffic sources

Functionality Cookies
'Functionality' cookies are used to provide services or remember settings outside those preferences associated with a user account you may have with us.

We use 'functionality' cookies to remember questions we have asked you, such as whether you wanted to participate in surveys or feedback.

These are the cookies that we have defined as 'Functionality':

No Cookies set at this time

Targeting Cookies
'Targeting' cookies are connected with services provided by third parties (e.g., ‘share’, ‘like’ and ‘tweet’ buttons). Those providers provide their services in return for recognising that you have visited our website.

These are the cookies that we have identified as 'Targeting':

1st partyThe Twitter Share Button used on our website is hosted by and your browser and sends this cookie data to Twitter in order to associate the Twitter Share Button with your Twitter account. This data is not accessible to us, and is not sent to us by Twitter.
1st partyThe Facebook Like Button used on our website is hosted by Facebook and your browser sends this cookie data to Facebook in order to associate the Facebook Like Button with your Facebook account. This information is not accessible to us, and is not sent to us by Facebook.


Cookies are small text files placed on your computer by us or our partners. They let us identify the device you’re using – but not you personally. This information is sent back to our systems as you move around our website.

Cookies are unique to the web browser you’re using – so if you’re using a desktop computer as well as a mobile, different data will be collected for each. You can find more information on the About Cookies website.

Cookies can be set by the owner of the website you’re on. These are known as 1st Party Cookies. There are also 3rd Party Cookies that can be set by partner websites. Only the owner of the cookie can see the anonymous information it collects.

You can choose to accept all cookies, reject 3rd Party Cookies or reject all cookies by changing your internet browser settings. If you don’t accept cookies, some features of our website won’t work. For example, you won’t be able to make a booking.

How we use cookies
We may use cookies to find out more about how you use our website – like the searches you make and your preferences. We use this information to:
  1. Make it possible for you to use our website.
  2. Show you information and offers that are relevant to you.
  3. Find out more about how our customers use the site.

Buying our products online
When you’re buying something on our website, we need to use cookies to keep track of what you’re booking as you move through each stage of the booking process.

Keeping track of your searches and preferences
Your recent searches and shortlisted holidays are recorded using cookies.

If you’ve searched for a holiday, left our website and then you come back later, the search panel will keep the information you provided before, so you won’t need to fill everything in again.

If you’ve made a shortlist but you haven’t saved it by entering your email address, we’ll store your shortlisted holidays using a cookie, so you’ll be able to see it when you visit us again using the same computer or device.

Improving your experience
We use cookies and software programmes to record, measure and analyse how our customers use our website. We use this information to understand what you want from our website, which helps us when we’re considering future products like flight routes and holidays.

We can also find out how you move around our website, so we can look into any errors stopping you from being able to do what you want. The data we collect from cookies is really important for us to improve your experience.

Making your experience personal
When you’re on our website, we might interact with you or show you personalised information and offers anonymously. Cookies help us to do this by letting us know how you’re using our website on your particular computer or device, which means we can work out what’s most relevant to you.

Receive our email newsletters? We link information from cookies with your email registration details so we can tailor the information we send you – unless you tell us not to. You’ll be given the chance to opt-out on every email we send you.

Adverts on other websites
If you visit one of our partner sites, you might see an advert that’s relevant to what you searched for when you last visited our own site. We work with advertising networks who use cookies to collect information on your preferences, meaning we can show adverts tailored to you.


Refusing cookies
You can change your browser settings to accept or refuse all cookies, choose which cookies you want or don’t want, or ask to be notified when a cookie is set. Use the help feature in your browser to see how.

Changing your mind after you’ve accepted our cookies
If you change your mind after you’ve accepted our cookies, you’ll find an option within your internet browser to clear cookies that have already been set. Use the help feature in your browser to see how. You’ll then need to change your browser settings to refuse cookies in future.

More details on how to refuse cookies

Take a look at the websites of Pinsent Masons law firm or the Internet Advertising Bureau for independent information on cookies – including how to refuse or delete them from your computer or device.

Just so you know, you won’t be able to benefit from all the features of our website and email newsletters or book online with us if you refuse cookies.

Find out more on cookies

Take a look at these websites for more information on cookies:

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Pinsent Masons law firm
Internet Advertising Bureau

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