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FIFA World Cup Qatar™ 2022

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Update 4 April:

The tournament draw and match schedule were completed over the weekend and is available online HERE.

The Socceroos face play-offs against UAE and Peru on 7 & 13 June both of which they must win to proceed to Qatar 2022. As long as they manage this (c’mon boys!) their three matches in the group stage of the World Cup will be held at Al Janoub Stadium against reigning champions France on 22 November, Tunisia on 26 November and Denmark on 30 November.

A repeat of the heroics of Germany 2006 will see us through to a Round of 16 match against an opponent from Group C (Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico or Poland) on 3 or 4 December.

The second ticket ballot is open to applications from 5-28 April, see HERE for details.

Accommodation will only be available to people who have confirmed match tickets, so be sure to get in the ballot for the potential Australian group matches and if you intend to be at Qatar 2022 regardless, lock in the games you want to see!

We are expecting to have details for group accommodation options shortly, register your details below to be notified as soon as we have accommodation packages available.

Qatar 2022

Make no mistake - the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar will soon become every football fan's dream.

Despite all you might have read (and let's not forget how highly controversial Russia was before it proved to be the greatest World Cup ever), it won't be long before the world begins to understand what's actually on offer here. Rest assured, Qatar is going to be absolutely incredible.

In fact, for any true football fan, it will be simply unmissable!

Opening Match: 21 November 2022
The Final: 18 December 2022
No. of Teams: 32 (same format as in Russia, Brazil, etc)
No. of Stadiums: 8

How could Qatar possibly be any good for a World Cup?

Qatar 2022 is a completely different concept, so first & foremost there's no point trying to compare it to recent FIFA World Cups in Russia, Brazil, South Africa, Germany or even USA/Canada/Mexico 2026. Each of those are countries with a land mass at least 30 times larger than Qatar, with distances between host cities of up to 4,500km.

In strategic contrast, seven of Qatar's eight stadiums are within just 24km of Doha city centre and the furthest stadium is only 52km (1 hour) away. Qatar is an entirely football + fan focused World Cup and will be nothing like you have ever experienced before or will again.

The best comparison is an Olympic Games where an entire event is hosted by one city. Qatar is bringing that same idea to football, and the world is going to be absolutely amazed when it arrives!

It is essentially an entire World Cup in one metropolitan city. It will truly be the "Compact World Cup".

Just imagine a FIFA World Cup with:

  • the opportunity to easily attend two matches per day, every day
  • no need for costly or time consuming travel between cities
  • all matches being held within the confines of essentially one metropolitan city
  • the opportunity to watch the likes of Germany or Argentina play in the afternoon, then travel just half an hour to see Brazil or England play in the evening!
In Qatar, that dream will become a reality.

Unlike previous World Cups, where in reality fans were only able to attend a maximum of four or five matches during the entire Group Stage, Qatar will see fans being able to attend at least a dozen matches or more during the same amount of time.

The money you would normally spend getting around the country on flights & transport can be dedicated to additional match tickets, meaning you'll get plenty more football bang for your hard earned buck.

What if the Socceroos don't qualify?

If ever there was a FIFA World Cup that you could start planning for early and commit to no matter what, Qatar is 100% the one.

In fact, given how centralised Qatar 2022 is going to be with every team's fans effectively converging on the one city, it's the one & only World Cup where you should be securing your tour place well before qualification is complete.

Assuming they do qualify, the Socceroos will of course capture a big focus of our attention. But the great thing about Qatar is the fact we will be physically immersed in the whole tournament, with every day being a new match day and the opportunity to see the world's best in action like never before. So even if the Socceroos were to miss out, it's going to be a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience and our tours will be going full steam ahead.

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On Tour with Fanatics

Whilst sightseeing opportunities won't be as plentiful as Russia, Brazil, South Africa or Germany, the trade-off in Qatar will be attending more World Cup football matches than you could ever wish for. That will be incredible!

Our accommodation will see you based in your choice of Fanatics properties for the full duration of the tour and will help ensure an unbeatable group atmosphere with your fellow football fans.

Our Tours will be heavily football focused as always and will come complete with our Tour Hosts (among the likes of Mark Bosnich, Stan Lazaridis, Alex Tobin & Adam Peacock who toured with us in Russia), world class functions, exclusive entertainment and parties, plus in-depth match day forums to make your World Cup stay the complete package.

We will be operating tours for all the different stages of the tournament including the Group Stage, Round of 16, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals & Final.

And despite the rumours, beer will most certainly be available in Qatar during the World Cup at specially approved venues and live sites. So don't worry you won't go thirsty, official sponsor Budweiser has made certain of that!


The Climate

Qatari weather in late November to December is perfect for travelling fans. With daytime highs in the mid-high 20s, and overnight temperatures around 18C, you'll enjoy traditional World Cup summer weather during the day, yet be cool enough to get a good night's sleep each evening. It's ideal.

The Stadiums

Eight stadiums will host matches in 2022, with each scheduled to be completed two years prior to the start of the event. All eight stadiums are located within the greater Doha city area - it's the "compact World Cup".

Qatar will also host the FIFA Confederations Cup in 2021 where it will have its first opportunity to welcome a truly international football audience.

  • Stadium 974 - 40,000 (Doha city centre)
  • Al Thumama Stadium - 40,000 (7km from Doha city centre)
  • Khalifa International Stadium - 40,000 (11km)
  • Education City Stadium - 40,000 (12km)
  • Lusail Stadium - 86,000 capacity (15km)
  • Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium - 40,000 (22km)
  • Al Janoub Stadium - 40,000 (24km)
  • Al Bayt Stadium - 60,000 (52km)

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FIFA World Cup Qatar™ 2022
Event Date/s:
21 Nov-18 Dec, 2022
Tour Dates:
21 Nov, 2022 - 18 Dec, 2022
Tour Duration:
28 Days/27 Nights


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